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Art for Games Final - Mask by Lightrail Art for Games Final - Mask by Lightrail
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Name: Mask (AKA: Masque, Maske, Maska, Masuku, Máscara, Miànmó)
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 3”
Weight: 105 lbs.
Body Type: Short, athletic to slim build.
Hair Color: Varies
Skin Color: Olive
Eye Color: Auburn

Distinguishing Marks: He has small skin indents around his face from prolong exposure to Façade wearing.

Clothing Style: Varies on the Façade he is currently wearing. Mostly different forms of a nomadic, gypsy, and ninja garb.

Accessories: Various Façades he’s obtained from his ancestors and from those he’s taken from others.

Weapons: Dependent on whatever Façade he is wearing at the time.

Occupation: Nomad, Warrior, Thief, Adventurer

Economic Status: Gets by.

Skills: Wields several Façades and is extremely knowledgeable of their abilities and background. Trained at an extremely early age in the ways of his ancestors that include fighting, acrobatics, being incognito, living off the land and the art of thievery.

Beliefs: Façades’ power and their makers.

Political Views: Has no care for politics.

Motivations: To protect the identity of the Façades and to silence anyone who knows/uses their power.

Strengths/ Weaknesses: Mask carries a number of Façades and uses their abilities to fight, hide and traverse among other things. Prolonged exposure to the Façades’ has made him dependent on their power and without wearing a Façade, Mask becomes drained of energy.

Lacks the skill to use most technologies and isn’t very trusting with others. He is constantly nagged by a Façade that claims to be the first of his ancestors to know of and start protecting the Façades.

Backstory: Not much is known about the mysterious figure other than he has a penchant for rare and mysterious masks classified as Façades. Gender, facial features, age, history; nothing is known about him. Those who have heard of him, or those unlucky enough to get close to him, only refer to him as Mask.

Mask comes from a nomadic lineage that has been protecting the secret of the Façades for centuries, by any means necessary. Mask carries on his ancestor’s task to protect the identity of the Façades and to prevent anyone from using their power.

*My final for my art for games class. We had to create the above content and then draw the character to match. I hate drawing it in T-pose. It was really hard. I think it's because the T-pose is so... unnatural. I mean, have you ever seen someone standing at the bus stop looking like that?
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December 2, 2012
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